Marketing Services


Here is a quick overview of our different services with a short summary of what each category entails. For more detailed information please click one of the links below. If you don’t know which services are right for you, then by all means, please book a free consultation with us. If you want a custom project proposal please fill out our request for proposal form.


Luxury Marketing

If you want to reach HWNIs (high net worth individuals) with a yearly income of 100 000$ USD and more to generate leads or sell more products to them, then this category is for you. If you are working in luxury fashion, jewellery, real estate, supercars, wealth management, fine art, architecture or hospitality, this category might be right for you.


Fashion Marketing

It’s all about fashion. Doesn’t matter if it is mass-market, fast fashion or premium, these services will help you make your retail or eCommerce business more successful by driving more traffic (or people) to your store to sell more products. The focus here lies on correct branding, being cost-effective and building a following of fans through creativity and innovative campaigns.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is not an option, it’s a necessity. It doesn’t matter if your business is brick & mortar (retail) or strictly digital, you have to be present on social media and invest time, effort and creativity into the right channels for your business. Social Media can be beneficial for every business goal you have. This category of services will help you make social media work for you.


Influencer Marketing

Influencers are bloggers, vloggers and other people with a huge following on social media.  In our modern time, user-created content rules supreme.  These people can leverage their following to create positive results for brands they work with to create unique content. Be it more brand awareness or sales, correct influencer marketing is a powerful tool.



The art of commercial writing. Great copywriting aims at promoting your offer to your customers through the use of direct response techniques and emotional intelligence. We at High End Consultancy specialise in copywriting that speaks to consumers in the creative industries, like luxury, fashion, media or lifestyle. Don’t just focus on visuals, great writing can take your sales page or presentation to the next level of success.


China Marketing

The People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapour. All of these geographies are fantastic markets to sell creative products. These markets still hold a large untapped potential of customers (regular and HNWI alike). The difficulty lies in reaching them and creating ads that work on a cultural level.  You have to use different eCommerce and technology platforms, different social media networks and advertising tools. We have very specific language and cultural skills which can help you bridge the culture and language gap.